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Discover tailored services for startup labs, educational facilities, and small analytical labs. From equipment installation to advanced automation solutions, LabServe Consulting Inc. is your partner in achieving laboratory excellence.


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Service Highlights:

1. Comprehensive Equipment Installation & Setup
Seamless integration of advanced laboratory equipment into your workspace. From unboxing to fully operational, we ensure your equipment is set up for optimal performance. Our expertise includes a range of OEMs like Agilent and PerkinElmer.

2. Expert Troubleshooting & Repair Services
Minimize downtime with our rapid-response repair services. Our skilled technicians diagnose and resolve issues swiftly, ensuring your lab continues its critical work without significant interruptions.

3. Laboratory Expansion & Automation Consultation
Grow and modernize your laboratory with our strategic expansion and automation solutions. We provide insightful consultations to optimize your lab’s space and processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

4. Customized Solutions for Educational Facilities
We are empowering educational institutions with tailored lab solutions. We understand the unique needs of academic environments and provide services to foster an advanced learning and research ecosystem.

5. Equipment Removal & Recycling
Sustainable and responsible disposal of outdated laboratory equipment. Our removal and recycling services align with environmental standards, ensuring safe and eco-friendly practices.

6. Data Systems & Equipment Protection
Safeguard your crucial data systems and lab equipment from power issues. Our low-impedance isolation transformer technology supplied by NXT Power offers superior protection, preserving the integrity of your valuable research data and laboratory equipment.


    “LabServe has been instrumental in helping keep our instruments up and running efficiently. There have been several instances in which we have reached out for help. Each time the response was prompt (within minutes), and had us up and running in no time. The knowledge of various instrumentation has been invaluable. I highly recommend reaching out with any questions you may have. You won’t be disappointed!” –  Anonymous, Forensic Scientist III

    “Ed is friendly, professional, and very talented at what he does. He did a great job narrowing things down to find our CI GC/MS issue. Also, I should mention, bonus points for using tech like AR in voice calls to walk me through how to do a few new things, in person and remotely. Clearly, Labserve values its customers and we’re going to be in touch going forward in the future.” – John, Yale University

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