Your Laboratory

Our network will help keep all of your equipment and lab needs in check!

Whether you are a well-established laboratory looking to grow, or in the planning stages of opening your own business – LabServe can help!

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, the leadership at LabServe has cultivated strong partnerships with other industry experts. These connections have allowed us to expand our range of services and solutions, enabling us to assist with an even broader range of business and laboratory needs.

Time Savings

Given the many responsibilities of running a lab, it can be helpful to use external resources to manage equipment. While OEMs may have ample resources, they often cannot provide timely support to prevent downtime and lost productivity, which can result in significant financial losses each year.

In many cases, LabServe Consulting Inc. is able to schedule onsite service within 24 hours of PO submission.

Contract Services

Your team already has enough to do. Leave the heavy lifting to us!

We offer yearly or multi-year service contracts for your laboratory equipment to provide peace of mind and allow you to focus on growing your business. Additionally, we offer pre-paid daily contracts at discounted rates to make it even more convenient and affordable for you.

Up Time Matters

You want to ensure that you are working with a reliable and responsive business that can provide quick solutions when you need your systems and team to operate at their best. Choosing the right partner can make all the difference in maximizing the performance and efficiency of your laboratory.

Additionally, we offer complimentary over-the-phone and email troubleshooting and consulting. No hold times or phone trees!

Planning Saves

Investing in expensive laboratory equipment, or building out your lab space for your growing business is a significant decision that requires careful consideration.

It is crucial to work with an experienced professional who understands the specific needs and challenges of your business and laboratory. Having someone on your side who can identify key issues and propose relevant solutions can make all the difference in ensuring the success and effectiveness of your investment.

Old Equipment, Parts & Scrap

We all have that one drawer in our home that collects everything random in nature. Unfortunately, most labs have multiple drawers or rooms full of these old and unwanted items. Multiple broken and unused pieces of equipment. Old parts and consumables that have been sitting in a corner for years. LabServe can assist by assessing the space and determining the best way to remove or repurpose unused equipment and cluttered space.

We have been involved with business relocations and expansions. During the process, it has become increasingly clear that most labs don’t even realize the amount of space that is taken up by all of this extra “stuff”. At the very least it reduces productivity and efficiency in the lab. But, in some instances, it has led to tens of thousands worth of (avoidable) losses for the company.

Let us help!
We can handle a single instrument or offer a custom lab/office solution that works for your specific circumstances.